Kate Wayne

My name is Kate Wynne, I am 18 years old and live in a small village called Knockbridge just outside Dundalk, Co. Louth. I am the youngest of three children and I am the first to attend college. I am currently in my first year at Trinity College studying Business, Economics and Social Studies. College life has been very different but I have settled in very well. I have a strong interest in sports, and I have played Gaelic football at both club and County level. I am very lucky to have received this scholarship and I am very grateful for the opportunities it has opened up for me.

1st Year Update

My first year in college started off a bit overwhelming However as the weeks moved on, I became more comfortable and my college work became easier and more manageable. During my courses I found that my interests were more towards the business and economics aspects of the course and for 2nd year I have chosen to pursue a joint honors degree in business and economics and so far I am really enjoying my subjects and the course work they involve. In my first year I joined the Trinity Gaelic team however I sustained a back injury playing with my club team so I’m hoping in the future I can get back and rejoin the Trinity Gaelic team again.

I really enjoyed my first year in Trinity and have been very fortunate to have had the help from the Trinity Access Programme which led me to the opportunity to receive this Scholarship which I am sincerely grateful for. I have found my courses very interesting and I am sure that business is the route I want to pursue as a career further in life.

Kate Wynne

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